Monday August 25 2014


Scripture: Psalm 57
Key Verses: Psalm 57:9-10 “I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations. For your steadfast love is great to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.”

Reflection: There is a praise song sung by the band Third Day based on Psalm 57. The words are:
Your love, oh Lord
Reaches to the heavens
Your faithfulness stretches to the sky
Your righteousness is like the mighty mountains
Your justice flows like the ocean’s tide
I will lift my voice
To worship You, my King
I will find my strength
In the shadow of your wings

A lot of contemporary praise music is based on the Psalms. Following an old tradition going back centuries, people learn scripture through singing. Sometimes I hear criticism of praise music as singing 7 words 11 times. The repetition bothers some people because it is simple. But, many people have learned the Psalms through this kind of repetition and it has deepened their devotional life inspiring them to serve others. Our traditional hymnbook has an entire section of music devoted to the Psalms, so this isn’t a contemporary music innovation.

There are at least four other Psalms that pick up on the phrase “your love, O Lord reaches to the heavens”. What a powerful reminder of the height of God’s love! Aren’t we grateful that we can enjoy many styles of music at our church? This is something we can shout with praise to God about as we draw closer to God through the music of an organ or the strum of a guitar.

Prayer: Loving God, we thank you for the powerful reminders of your steadfast love that we find in the Psalms. Help us to find encouragement and strength in words and music as we sing your praises. Give us grateful hearts for your faithfulness toward us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Author: Deborah Conner

[Scripture quotations are from New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved].

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