Monday April 3 2017


Scripture: Psalm 34

Key verse: (8) O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy are those who take refuge in him.

Reflection: This psalm is one of many that are written as an acrostic. Each verse begins with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The psalmist delights in God’s goodness, lifting up praises to God for the ways that the Lord has brought deliverance and help. In verse eight, we are invited to taste and see that the Lord is good.

Taste and see. On this Monday morning, how do you taste and see the goodness of the Lord?  Perhaps blueberries on your morning oatmeal or the jolt of your first sip of coffee.  Perhaps the beauty of a sunrise or the smile on the face of someone you love. Perhaps the crunch of a granola bar or the wagging tail of your dog.  God created us and gave us five senses.  Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.  Use your senses now to experience the goodness of the Lord.

Sometimes when I am prone to worry or to wander, it helps if I “return to my senses” quite literally. When my mind begins to spiral, it helps to slow down and pay attention to what I see, and hear, and taste, and touch, and smell.  I feel my toes wiggle in my shoes and the rush of air in and out of my nostrils as I breathe. I see the colors around me and I listen to the quiet sounds of clocks ticking and the refrigerator running.  Returning to my senses reminds me that God made me, God is with me, God is good.

Maybe this will inspire you!

Prayer: For your prayer I invite you to think through the alphabet and consider how you experience God’s goodness through your senses.  Here is a start – A for apple and ants and accents, B for birds and berries and bubbles and breezes, C for clouds and carrots and cinnamon…

Author: Millie Snyder

[Scripture quotations are from New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved].

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