Monday July 3 2017


Scripture: Luke 22: 52-62

Key verses: (60-62) 60But Peter said, “Man, I do not know what you are talking about!” At that moment, while he was still speaking, the cock crowed. 61The Lord turned and looked at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said to him, “Before the cock crows today, you will deny me three times.” 62And he went out and wept bitterly.

Reflection: Peter was “the Rock”. If anyone was to deny Jesus, Peter seems to be the least likely of all the disciples. Peter believes it to be true. His confidence is shattered with the first question. His denial comes as easily as the guilt that follows. Every time I read the passage, I cannot help but wonder what I would do.

We laugh at the disciples sometimes because they just don’t get it, but would I get it? Would I understand the big picture of this movement or would I just be following because it felt like the best place to be at the time? I know I would misinterpret the Kingdom of God. I get fired up pretty quick and am not very patient, so I know I would get that all wrong. What about you? Where would you be in the story?

This week, I am in Cuba where religion was banned from 1959-1991. During those years, we have been told that soldiers would stand at the doors of churches and take names of anyone going to worship. On Monday, those who had attended church would find they no longer had a job. Sometimes, their family members lost their jobs too. Our group has talked about how we each might respond if we found ourselves in a place where we had to turn away from church. How would we respond on Sunday morning? In visiting the members of the church here, we realize that the faith of these members remained strong even through those long years. They would recite psalms they memorized as children and hum hymns in the street. Their faith in Jesus Christ never waned. Thanks be to God.

Prayer: In times of unrest, God give me a bold faith. May my faith speak loudly through my living and through my loving. In your sons holy name. Amen.

Author: Michelle Thomas-Bush

[Scripture quotations are from New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved].

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