Monday November 30 2020

Scripture: Mark 1:4-5

Reflection: Sometimes, people look into different Bible versions of the same verse, to have more food for thought. In my case, I also look into different languages, as my native language is Spanish. One of those versions translates this verse as “…turn to God, be baptized, and God will forgive your sins”. It stands out to me that it literally states that God forgives our sins, directly, based in our belief and actions, even if sometimes we go against the status quo, as Judaism was the main religion in the area during John the Baptist’s call. The scripture mentions that the whole region of Judea came to hear John the Baptist’s preaching and were baptized. In this role, John the Baptist is an instrument, a catalyzer of God’s presence in the area; he’s clearly not the Messiah, but he plays his part in the construction of the Kin-dom. As we live Advent, I call you to reflect who is a catalyzer, like John the Baptist, in your life; somebody whose example and words invite you to turn to God, do what’s right (even if not mainstream) and become a better human. And also – notice how your words and actions influence those around you. How do you embrace your role to build the Kin-dom on earth, as we prepare for the Messiah’s arrival? The Jordan river is far away, but we can always find a river nearby, where justice, love, and peace can roll down.

Prayer: God of radical love, we are thankful for inspiring figures like John the Baptist, inviting us to turn to You and become the best version of ourselves. Cultivate in us the vision, desire, and commitment to do our small part in your Kin-dom’s construction, from our own river shores. Amen.

Year in the Bible

A Year in the Bible, Beginning January 1, 2021, – Join with reading plans for all ages, from children to adult. Supplemented with videos, celebrations, and discipleship events.

I am excited to set intentional goals around reading the bible and be encouraged by one another in our spiritual journey.  ~ Susan Tome

[Scripture quotations are from New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved].

2 thoughts on “Monday November 30 2020

  1. Great Devotion today Patty….showing Radical Love To Others this Advent and Beyond….because You, John The Baptizer and Jesus ALL said to!!!
    Happy Advent (and Thanksgiving) to all your Family here and El Salvador!!!
    Love to you,

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